Validation of Incoming DNP3 Data 


The DNP Technical Committee has released an Application Note which details numerous checks that should be performed on received data, in order to verify that the data comprises a valid DNP3 message.
The Application Note AN2013-004b Validation of Incoming DNP3 Data can be downloaded from the DNP3 Downloads folder.
The stable and secure operation of SCADA systems is a high-priority issue. One component of SCADA robustness involves the validation of incoming messages. Thorough validation of incoming DNP3 data will contribute to the robust behavior of DNP3 devices, which will in turn enhance the security of SCADA systems. Vendors of DNP3 devices can use the checks detailed in this document as a starting point to ensure the robust implementation of DNP3 in their devices.
Vendors should also use the IED Conformance Tests as a tool to verify that their DNP3 outstation devices will be interoperable in the field. The IED Conformance Tests can also be downloaded from the Document Library.


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