Another Successful DistribuTECH for DNP3!! 


The last week of January found several members of the DNP Users Group volunteering their time at DistribuTECH by instructing the full-day DNP3 in the Real World course, contributing to the SCADA, Data and Beyond panel session in the Water Utility Technology Track, and presenting the Practical Cybersecurity for DNP3 panel session in the Cybersecurity Track.
The annual business meeting of the DNP Users Group was held January 28; the minutes can be downloaded from the Document Library.
And a very successful interoperability demo was hosted at the DNP Users Group booth. The Directors would like to thank the vendors who contributed devices to the demo.

Devices that implemented DNP3 Secure Authentication v5:
Eaton Cooper Power Systems: SMP 4/DP Gateway
Gridco Systems: Distributed Grid Controller
Triangle MicroWorks: SCADA Data Gateway and Test Harness

Other DNP3 Devices:
Applied Systems Engineering: SPT4-NET Data Concentrator
COPA-DATA: zenon DNP3 Masteer
NovaTech Bitronics: Bitronics M650 SCADA Meter
Reliatronics: Reliatronics RTU3200
Rockwell Automation: Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC
Schneider Electric: SAGE 1410 RTU and SCADAPack E RTU
Schweitzer Engineering: SEL-3530 Real-time Automation Controller and SEL-351S Protection System
Siemens RuggedCom: eLAN Universal Data Gateway


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