DNP-UG COVID-19 Response

On behalf of the leadership of the DNP-UG, we hope you, your family and your colleagues have remained healthy during this very unusual period dealing with the coronavirus.  While aspects may be welcome such as a slower pace of life for some of us, others have experienced considerable disruption (and/or loss of loved ones).  My daughter is a nurse so we have a clear idea of what that can mean.    

We have been anticipating that COVID-19 related disruptions might impact some members ability to renew their memberships.  This has been confirmed in April and especially in May.  We normally provide a 30-day grace-period after expiration (for continued access to our member-only material) and even with that, some have now lost access to our material and our technical experts for Q&A and the other member benefits.  If you or your company find yourselves in that situation, please contact us at and we will extend your website access for 90 days from your original renewal date plus the 30-day grace period (120 days total).  We will continue this offer until July 31st.  After that, we hope you will be able to renew.  If there are other ways we can assist, please let us know.

On the other hand, the UG is totally dependent on the membership fees to continue to operate.  If you can, please try to renew on time.  Since the original publication of the DNP3 documents, almost all the development work has been accomplished by the DNP-UG or our members serving with the IEEE and IEC.  Both utilities and suppliers have benefited hugely from all this work. 

During this period, we are continuing to push hard on our various development programs, most of which have aggressive schedules to meet such as the update to IEEE Std 1815TM - 2012. Of note, the Task Force developing the next generation security specifications is making great progress.  For the most-part, our teams are continuing to contribute over 4000 hours of volunteer time per year.

For an overview of our current activities, please go here.  Other current public domain documents such as the security overview are available here.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact me directly at or our support team at



Ronald Farquharson, President, COO on behalf of

the Directors, DNP-UG

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