The goal of DNP3 Conformance Testing is to improve IED interoperability by assuring to a reasonable degree that outstation devices comply with key DNP3 protocol requirements.

IED Conformance Test Versions

The DNP Users Group encourages the testing of devices to the current IED Conformance Test procedures. However, there is an occasional need to verify devices to prior-year Conformance Tests. Therefore, devices may be tested to any of the following Conformance Test versions:

  • Rev 2.8 (2020)
  • Rev 2.7 (2016)
  • Rev 2.6 (2009)
  • Rev 2.5 (2005)
  • Rev 2.4 (2004)
  • Rev 2.3 (2003)

Conformance Testers

The test procedures may be performed by an independent testing facility or by the device manufacturer (self-testing). The DNP3 Steering Committee recommends that devices be independently tested every one to two years, and that each new firmware or software release should, as a minimum, be self-tested using the current Conformance Tests.

Purchasers, at their option, may require that testing be performed by an independent facility or may accept the vendor’s self testing. The DNP3 web page lists companies that provide independent certification.

The DNP3 Users Group does not qualify testing facilities.

DNP3 Web Site

If requested by the device manufacturer, the DNP3 Users Group will list the product on the DNP3 Conformance Tested Products web page as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The device manufacturer has an active DNP3 Users Group Membership. Note that a device may be removed if the membership fees are past due.
  • The device manufacturer agrees to keep the testing documentation outlined below on file for possible later review.
  • If an independent testing company is listed, this company must also provide the relevant listing information to the DNP3 Users Group.


Each product listed will contain at least the following information. A device is not required to do both self testing and independent testing to be listed. If either one is not done, leave the corresponding fields blank.


  • Manufacturer:
    • Device Model:
    • Level Tested:
    • Last Firmware Self Tested:
      • Test Version:
      • Date Tested:
    • Last Firmware Independently Tested:
      • Test Version:
      • Date Tested:
      • Testing Company:
    • Notes:

DNP3 Conformance Logo

The DNP3 Conformance Logo indicates that an outstation has successfully passed the DNP3 Conformance Test Procedures and is listed on the DNP3 Users Group Web Site. The logo aids recognition that an implementation has been tested for compliance with the protocol requirements. Upon satisfactory completion of the conformance testing and listing on the DNP3 Users Group Web Site, vendors may display the logo on their web pages, product packaging and promotional literature for the tested product.

Product Changes and Scope

There is no prescribed schedule for continued DNP3 Conformance Testing of a device. It is recommended that the device be retested whenever a DNP3 dependent hardware or software component changes or support is added for a previously unsupported DNP3 feature.

Testing only certifies the specific products and associated software versions that were tested. It is the end user’s responsibility to decide whether a vendor’s claim that the DNP3 implementation is consistent throughout multiple, similar products and will provide the needed interoperability.

Testing Documentation

  • A brief description of the product
  • A Device Profile Document
  • A summary of the tests run and the results for each: Pass, Partial (due to configuration), Skipped (due to an unsupported feature or configuration)
  • Logs of the raw DNP traffic collected while performing the tests, with sufficient identifying information to allow them to be correlated with the tests that were performed. These logs may optionally contain protocol analyzer decoding, notes and other information that assists in their interpretation