Important Updates from the DNP Users Group

Thank you for your current and/or past interest in the Users Group.  The support by you and your company are essential to our ongoing work!


  1. Membership

If you have already joined or renewed your regular or premium membership, thank you!  If not, please consider joining or renewing as we are counting on your membership fees to fund important work for the next 12 months.  This will also give you access to some of our latest releases such as:   

  1. DistribuTECH DNP3 Technology Update
    • Our annual face to face meeting will occur on Tuesday evening, February 5, 2019 at 6pm local time in New Orleans
    • This meeting will include updates on the current activities of our Technical Committee, Cyber Security Task Force and our proposed new Test Management Committee.
    • In addition, feature presentations are planned with focus on DNP3 related applications and technologies
  2. Annual Business Meeting (Webinar)
    • Our business meeting for 2019 will occur on Thursday, February 14, 2019 at 4pm Eastern
    • Preliminary agenda:

a.  Introduction of existing Directors

b.  Voting for new or renewed Director positions

c.  Summary of 2018 Activities

d.  2018 Financial Statements

e.  Proposed 2019 organizational changes

f.   2019 development plans

g.  Discussion:

  • Suggestions for activities/courses/webinars
  • Other ways to maximize value for our stakeholders (utilities, suppliers, consultants, individuals etc.)
  • Possible changes to our Membership Fee structure

h.  Questions and Answers


Ronald J. Farquharson, SMIEEE

DNP Users Group (President and Interim COO)

Principal Consultant

Mount Victoria Consulting Ltd.

c: 403.690.0787

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