Membership Vote 2 - Technical Committee Charter Change - June 18 to July 18, 2024

This second vote is regarding a change to the charter of our Technical Committee (TC) to modify the approval requirements for a Category 4 Technical Bulletin.  The change, if approved, will permit the Board of Directors to make changes to the TC charter, without a full membership vote. This will enable the TC and the UG leadership to make necessary changes and work more efficiently.

Examples of desired changes include adding new leadership positions to the TC and revising the quorum requirements. Category 3 Technical Bulletins will still require a membership vote.

For more details on the proposed changes click here.

Voting Instructions

The vote will last for 30 days commencing today (June 18, 2024) and conclude at midnight (ET) on July 18, 2024. Each member company may enter one vote. Vote by sending an email to the three addresses shown below, with the words “VOTE 2 – YES” or VOTE 2 - NO.” Voting is by simple majority in accordance with our bylaws.  A successful vote requires 50% + 1 of those that vote.

To register your vote or request more information, please email as follows (send to all three):

·    Ron Farquharson at 

·    Sara Yuill at 




Ronald Farquharson, on behalf of the

Board of Directors, DNP Users Group


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