Update on DNP-UG COVID-19 Response – We Need you to Re-engage, Renew and/or Join

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<<If you have already renewed or joined for 2020, thank you!>>

On June 5, 2020 we posted an announcement called “DNP-UG COVID-19 Response”.  There have been 565 views of that post, so it was been widely read!  You can still read the post below. 

In essence, the post indicated that the UG would, upon request, extend website access for a further 90 days beyond the usual 30 days (120 days total) to July 31, 2020, for members unable to renew their memberships on time.  The message has clearly been received as we have seen a precipitous drop in membership renewals since that time. 

The problem now is that the level of renewals is far below a sustainable level for the UG.  For example, the membership fee income for October was approximately 1/10 our target level.  We have already cut back on the spend for our cyber security program and test procedure developments and will have to consider even more painful measures soon, that may impact the ability of the UG to function effectively.  We have a history of burning out some of our best volunteers and need to avoid a repeat of that. 

Our dedicated (and smart) volunteers continue to invest over 4,000 hours per year in wide array of essential tasks including updating the DNP3 / IEEE Std 1815 protocol, designing the next generation of security specifications, developing test procedures, managing our Conformance Test Review process and engaging with many related standards development teams.  Last week (November 2-6, 2020) our Technical Committee met virtually for six hours per day, Monday to Friday.  Most weeks, at least two if not more of our committees are meeting.

We need your help on this.  Please renew or join as soon as you are able at here.

If you would like to get more involved or would like more information please contact me directly at president@dnp.org or our support team at admin@dnp.org.

Finally, I hope you can attend our Update Webinar on November 12th.  See the announcement for more details.



Ronald Farquharson, President, COO on behalf of

the Directors, DNP-UG

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