VISION 2024 Adoption by the DNP-UG

We are very pleased to announce that the VISION 2024 proposal to the DNP-UG voting membership has been strongly supported and approved.  The 30-day voting period ended at midnight (ET) on June 28, 2024. 

The new benefits, services and fees take effect on July 1, 2024. We are excited as we embark on this new era for the DNP-UG. 

VISION 2024 is focused on providing our members with:

• Faster Developments

• Better Support, Closer Contact, Improved Website

• New Education Initiatives

The benefits to our members are significant:

• Included quarterly workshops and tutorials. These will commence in the fall of 2024.  Watch for an announcement soon!

• Included (or discounted) Conformance Certification Phase 1 - DP review

• Discounted Conformance Certification Phase 2 – test log review

• Included (most members) – technical support

• Net benefits total at least the cost of membership if not far more!

However, for this to work we need your help!

The VISION 2024 membership fees are higher, in some cases, substantially.  We have had several conversations to validate this approach and have been gratified that, while noticeable, the increase is considered doable by most.  Nevertheless, we also realize that the process of getting approval for the increased fees presents a challenge for some of our members.  With that in mind, we are providing the following material to assist you.  Also, if we can assist you with more material, a call or a webinar, please let us know at the email addresses below (send to all three).

Below are links to key documents:

1.   A very kind endorsement letter from a highly respected industry leader and good friend of the DNP-UG, John McDonald – here.

2.   VISION 2024 Background – important updates - here.

3.   VISION 2024 Overview and Fee Structure - the vision, objectives and new proposed fee structure – here.

Pending 2024 Membership Fee Table and Guide:

The menu items on our homepage under the banner heading “Join/Purchase” will be offline for a period starting on July 1, 2024, as we work on the updates. During this period we are available to process membership renewals manually.  Please reach out to us at the email addresses below (send to all three).

For More Information:



Ronald Farquharson, on behalf of the

Board of Directors, DNP Users Group



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