Voting on Member Fee Change - Closes in One Week on June 30th

Voting Status as of June 23rd = 32% of quorum (16% of members have voted)


Voting closes at 11:59PM Eastern on June 30th.  For this type of decision, our bylaws set a high bar for quorum, so we ask that everyone take a few minutes to vote. 

We sincerely hope that you see value now and will find increasing value with the UG in the future, as we add capabilities and services.  Our re-boot of the Conformance Test Review process is an indication of our making changes.  The ambitious cyber security program for 2019 / 2020 is another indication.  In addition, we will continue to seek your input on other areas. 

However, the bottom line is the status quo is not sustainable.  We must move forward with a different model or face a difficult if not uncertain future.  Other well-known users’ groups have faced a similar decision in the last few years and have successfully transitioned to a similar-funded model to what is proposed.

More information is included in the document posted on this Home Page: “DNP UG Member Fee Voting Info 2019-06-12”.  Links to presentation format summary and full webinar material are included in the June 12th announcement, also on this Home Page. 

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