Manufacturer: Remsdaq Ltd
Categories: Communication Processors/Gateways;
RTUs - Feeder/Poletop;
RTUs - Substation;
RTUs - Other
Name/Model: Callistonx
Description: A feature rich building block for utility automation utilising a single core product to address pole top to fully integrated CSCS systems
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Contact Name: Mark Charlton
Contact E-mail:
Self Tested?: No
Independently Tested?: Yes
    Firmware Version: Link Layer V2.0.0 App Layer V2.0.0
    Test Version: Rev 2.6 (2009)
    Date Tested: 2012-06-26
    Level Tested: Level 2
    Testing Company: Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.
    Notes: Remsdaq Profile Document Ref USR-12-004_1_2
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