Manufacturer: NovaTech, LLC
Categories: Communication Processors/Gateways;
RTUs - Feeder/Poletop;
RTUs - Substation;
RTUs - Other
Name/Model: Orion Substation Automation Platform
Description: DNP (IP and serial) on communication gateway, RTU, and digital and analog I/O modules, with numerous protocols (IEC, legacy, and bit), web-based HMI and oneline diagrams, archiving and alarming, support for NERC CIP security.
More Info
Contact Name: Orion Sales
Contact E-mail:
Self Tested?: Yes
    Firmware Version: 1.24.31
    Test Version: Rev 2.7
    Date Tested: 2017-10-11
    Level Tested: Level 2
Independently Tested?: No
Record Last Modified: 2023-12-12 09:34:24 PM