Manufacturer: Automatak, LLC
Categories: DNP3 Communication Protocol Test Sets;
3rd Party DNP3 Conformance Testing;
Support for adding DNP3 to a Product;
DNP Training
Name/Model: opendnp3 library (master/outstation) & test harness
Description: C++ with bindings for Java/.NET. Best-in-industry scale-ability & robustness. Runs on all major operating systems and a number of deeply embedded targets.
Contact Name: J Adam Crain
Contact E-mail:
Self Tested?: Yes
    Firmware Version: 2.0.0
    Test Version: Rev 2.6 (2009)
    Date Tested: 2013-03-29
    Level Tested: Level 2
    Notes: Tested to 2010 revison
Independently Tested?: No
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