DNP Users Group 2023 AGM on April 20, 2023 (4PM Eastern) and Board of Directors Nominations

Updated: April 15, 2023


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The Directors of the DNP Users Group are pleased to announce that our 2023 AGM will occur on Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 4PM Eastern.  Please plan to attend.  Our AGM agenda includes updates on the activities of our four active committees/task forces as well as business topics. Great progress has been made in several key areas!

Included will be summaries of completed work on new test procedures and the new Device Profile Guide, and progress on the 1815 update, Secure Authentication (SAv6) and Authorization Management Protocol (AMP).

Special Presentation - Academic Member  - "Ground Station Communications using IEEE-1815 (DNP3)" Featured this year is a presentation by one of our Academic Members with Portland State Aerospace Society at Portland State University, Glenn LeBrasseur, P.E. 

We are seeking nominations for two vacant positions on the Board of Directors as well as our other current board positions which are elected every two years.  Candidates will be people looking to join a team of dedicated industry leaders that are making a difference in our industry.  Our focus is providing continuously improved services and developments that support reliable, interoperable, and secure communications based on IEEE Std 1815 (DNP3). For further information and nomination forms please contact us at with copy to Our Nominations Chair is Andrew West, who will respond to you directly.

Current Topics:

  1. Introductions:
    1. Directors
    2. Nominees
    3. Staff
  2. Review of the Agenda
  3. Introduction of the Attendees
  4. Review of Last Years Meeting Notes
  5. Nominations and Elections of Directors (Andrew West – Nominations Chair):
    1. New Elections:
      1. Vice President, Technology
      2. Vice President, Marketing
    2. Currently filled positions, standing for election:
      1. Chairperson (currently Tianling Wu)
      2. Secretary (currently Howard Self)
      3. Vice President of Finance, Treasurer (currently Jim Coats)
      4. President (currently Ronald Farquharson)
    3. Committee Chairs are nominated and elected by their committees and task forces:
      1. Andrew West, Chair, Technical Committee
      2. Andrew West, Chair, Test Procedure Committee
      3. Ronald Landheer-Cieslak, Chair, Test Management Committee
      4. Ronald Landheer-Cieslak, Chair, Cyber Security Task Force – adhoc committee reporting to the Technical Committee
    4. COO position is appointed by the Board of Directors (currently Ronald Farquharson)
  1. Director Reports:
    1. Chairperson’s remarks
    2. COO Report
    3. Finance Report
    4. Technical Committee Report
    5. Test Procedures Committee Report
    6. Test Management Committee Report
    7. Cyber Security Task Force Report
    8. Website Report
    9. Marketing Report
  2. Special Presentation - Academic Member 
    • "Ground Station Communications using IEEE-1815 (DNP3)"
      • Glenn LeBrasseur, P.E.
      • Portland State Aerospace Society at Portland State University
  3. Matters for Voting
  4. Member Discussions and Feedback
  5. New business

Reminder that we are in the midst of our 2023 Membership Drive.  If you have not already renewed or joined, please accept this as your reminder or invitation.  The UG continues to accomplish a great deal on behalf of our members and the industry.  However, we are completely dependent on the engagement and support of our members in terms of committee participation and membership fees in order to function.   If the UG is not fully supported, many of our developments and initiatives will be impacted, if not stopped.

If you are able, please go here to renew. 

If you would like to get more involved or require more information, please contact us directly at or our support team at


DNP Users Group


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