DNP Users Group 2023 Membership Drive

Membership Matters! Join or Renew Today

DNP Users Group 2023 Membership Drive


Membership Matters!  Join or Renew Today

Your membership (your company’s membership) is important by enabling the DNP User Group (DNP-UG) to continue to provide the valuable services the industry requires of us. Without strong industry support by both utilities and vendors, we may not be able to continue with the developments we have underway, at least not in a timely manner. 

Active Members of the DNP User Group have free access (via the Document Library of the website) to all protocol documents, document updates, guides, technical bulletins, application notes, meeting minutes, and other relevant publications and documents.

Many people don’t realize that the DNP-UG continues to work hard on our three key focus areas:

  1. Interoperability:
    1. Test procedures
    2. Device profile guidance
    3. Update to IEEE Std 1815TM
    4. Conformance Certification Program
  2. Cybersecurity:
    1. Secure Authentication Version 5 (SAv5) – currently available.
    2. Secure Authentication Version 6 (SAv6) & Authorization Management Protocol (AMP) – under development.
    3. Is anyone else planning to support Zero Trust over serial and IP?
  3. DER Communications:
    1. Profile on DER Communications
    2. Contributions to new standard IEEE P1815.2 (DER Communications)
    3. Support MESA on the MESA-DER DNP3 Profile Test and Certification Program
    4. Normative references to DNP3 in IEEE Std 1547-2018TM
    5. Normative references SAv5 and SAv6 in IEEE 1547.3TM


The DNP-UG has five operating committees and task forces that collectively contribute ~ 4000 volunteer hours per year!  We welcome new members and contributors.


Please join or renew today at


Examples of documents posted for our members on our website in 2022 include:

  • IED Test Procedures Version 3.1- here
  • DNP3 Device Profile Guide Version 1.0 - here



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