DNP-UG Fee Structure 2020

DNP Users Group Member Fee Structure 2020
Category No.
(See Note 1)
Member Category
(See Notes 2-4)
Annual Fees User Accounts
(See Notes 6,7)
1 Individual $400 1 5,9
2 Water Utility $500 5 8,12
3 Small Muni/Coop $500 5 8,12
4 Large Muni/Coop (> $500 million) $1,000 10 8,12
5 Small utility (< $1 billion) $1,000 5 8,12
6 Large utility (> $1 billion) $3,000 10 8,12
7 Micro vendor (0-$1 million) $500 1 8,12
8 Small vendor (1-$20 million) $1,000 3 8,12
9 Medium vendor ($20 to 100 million) $3,000 5 8,12
10 Large Vendor (> $100 million) $6,000 10 8,12
11 Vendor - revenue not declared $6,000 10 8,12
12 Academic (Student/Research) $1 1 5,9
13 Emeritus Member $0 1 5,9
14 Research Organizations $5,000 10  
Vendor Conformance Test Review (CTR) Program
Member Option Annual access fee. Additional project fees apply. $1,000 N/A 13
Non-Member Option Per project access fee. Additional project fees apply. $7,000 N/A 14

All figures are in US dollars

Notes for the DNP-UG Fee Structure

  1. The UG expects that members will correctly determine their membership category according to the criteria provided in the Fee Structure table above. 
  2. Membership categories for vendors and consultants/integrators are established based on the annual revenues that are associated with the use of or engagement with DNP3.   A primary determinant would be the customer procurement specification and whether IEEE Std 1815TM or DNP3 has been specified as a requirement.  In that case, the applicable revenues would apply in determining the member fee regardless of whether the devices themselves utilize DNP3 in that instance. Revenues that are not associated with DNP3 would not apply. This is viewed to be the fairest proxy for the number of devices supplied or deployed that use DNP3.
  3. Membership categories for utilities are based on straight annual revenue.
  4. Organizations may choose a category based on plant, business unit or corporation revenues.
  5. Individual, academic and emeritus members will be listed by their name (and not company or institution) on the membership lists.  Corporate members will be listed by their company name.
  6. The DNP-UG retains Intellectual Property rights (e.g. copyrights) to all documents developed by the UG.
  7. All members are granted the right to use of the number of copies of the documents specified in the “User Accounts” column of the Fee Structure table.
  8. Corporate members are Category 2 through 11 and are granted multi-user access based on the number of Users Accounts included with their membership fee.  Documents may be copied or distributed within the member company according to the number of User Accounts.  For example, a medium vendor member may use up to five separate copies of the documents (total).
  9. Individual, academic and emeritus members (Category 1, 12 and 13 respectively) are granted individual access to DNP-UG documents for individual use (only).  In this case documents may not be copied or distributed to others.
  10. The one exception to the document access limit is AN2018-001 where commercial use of the DER document (only) is granted when an individual fee has been paid ($300).  This exemption will apply until the structure is in place for individual document sales.
  11. The Directors have approval to raise member fees, if necessary, per the US Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustments at:
  12. The DNP-UG recommends that once DNP3 implementations for new or updated products have been thoroughly tested using the latest UG Test Procedures (by either internal or third-party testers), vendors submit the applicable product(s) for review by the UG’s Conformance Test Review (CTR) program.  The UG further recommends that this approach be clearly stated as a requirement in utility specifications as it has been shown to lower program risk by improving interoperability between different vendors devices and enhancing the overall quality of the implementation.
  13. Optional annual fee for vendor members that provides access to the CTR program.  Additional project fees apply.
  14. Non-members may access the CTR program for a fee of $7000 per CTR project.  Additional project fees apply.
  15. There is a separate Partner Program available for utilities that wish to further support the UG in general or specific programs and initiatives.

Note: The DNP Users Group is a California nonprofit mutual benefit Corporation, operating pursuant to United States IRS code 501(c)(6)


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