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Member Supported Innovation and Development

The DNP Users Group supports our user community and the industry by enhancing and promoting the Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3), also known as IEEE Std 1815TM. Our members include utilities, suppliers, consultants, and individuals. Many of our initiatives support greater interoperability between supplier’s products and systems and/or enhance cyber security. On-going refinements also add new features and time saving capabilities which are then included in the next update of IEEE Std 1815 TM. Our growing library of Application Notes, Security Notices, and Technical Bulletins provide essential information for our members. The leadership team and Technical Committee provide periodic educational opportunities including tutorials, white papers, and conference presentations. The Test Management Committee supports our large vendor community with conformance testing review services. The DNP Users Group is a California nonprofit mutual benefit Corporation, operating pursuant to United States IRS code 501(c)(6).

The Standard

The latest version of the standard, IEEE Std 1815TM-2012,  was released Oct. 12, 2012. The updated standard contains many changes, including DNP3 Secure Authentication v5, which defines a protocol mechanism that enables a DNP3 outstation/master to unambiguously determine that it is communicating with the correct user/outstation.

IEEE Std 1815-2012 and the accompanying DNP3 Specification Supplement 1 - Device Profile Template and XML Schema are now available for download to DNP Users Group members from the DNP3 Document Library.


This afternoon we completed the 2nd of our two planned Member Fee Information Webinars.  At these two webinars we presented our updated (preliminary) member fee structure.  The current fee proposal is Version 4.0 which is on slide 14 of the latest slide deck available here.  

Important Announcement from the DNP Users Group on Changes to our Fee Structure, Upcoming Information Sessions and the Special Meeting on June 20, 2019

As a follow up to our announcement at the DNP Users Group Annual Meeting on February 24, 2019, the Director Team of the DNP Users Group wish to remind you of our intent to change the membership fee structure.  During the annual meeting, we described the new programs, upgraded services being provided and planned by the Users Group.  We also presented an initial proposed fee structure and indicated that we intended to follow an open and transparent process. Your input was invited at that time and some has been received. 

Over the past few years it has become very apparent that fulfilling the needs of our users and the industry is no longer possible on a purely volunteer basis,  even though our talented volunteers consistently give well over 3000 hours per year!   The bottom line; this change is ..............................

The Users Group is pleased to inform you of a webinar entitled: "Updating Brownfield Substation Control Systems with DNP3 Secure Authentication" which was originally presented (slightly different title) at DistribuTECH 2019.  The real-time event is this Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 11:00AM Pacific (2PM Eastern) and will also be recorded for future play-back.  The hosts/presenters are Mocana and GE.  You need to register in advance at:

Webinar on DNP3 Secure Authentication

Important note: The Users Group is not in the role of endorsing any individual vendor but will occasionally highlight the early or innovative adoption of DNP related standards and technologies for the benefit of our members and the industry.


Reset your password

The new website is now live!

In order to maintain cybersecurity, member's passwords could not be migrated from the old website to the new website. The first time a current member accesses the new website it is necessary for them to reset their password, The steps for this are:

  • Open a web browser and go to
  • Click on Login in the top right of the screen
  • Click on “Reset Password”
  • Enter the email address used to register previously
  • Watch for the email to come from the DNP Administrator
  • Click on the link in that email. This opens a new browser window asking for a password
  • Enter the password

Please note: It was not possible to transition the old site's forum to the new format, so the new Forum is unpopulated. We plan to transition the older posts into an FAQ page. In the meantime, you are free to start new forum discussions!

Thank you for your patience during the website transition.
Andrew West
Chair, DNP Technical Committee
  • 15 March 2019
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